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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience that Pit Bulls are not what they hear about in the news.

Central Idea: There are a lot of misconceptions about Pit Bulls.

I. In the United States of America, Pit Bulls are often seen as vicious man killing dogs. When a person is attacked by a dog, Pit Bulls are often the ones blamed.
II. Most likely everyone in this room has heard of or knows a little about Pit Bulls. Also I am sure most of you have a dog or know someone with a dog.
III. As an animal and dog lover, I feel that it is my duty to inform others the truth about Pit Bulls.
IV. I would like to inform you of the history of the breed but to also give you knowledge of the statistics and the typical temperament of the dog breed.
[Transition: First, let me tell you a little history about Pit Bulls.]
I. The history of the American Pit Bull Terrier is not exact. According to “Pit Bulls for Dummies” the Pit Bull started out as a Mastiff in Britain.
A. When the Romans invaded Britain they took the dogs and used them to warn their troops of danger. The Romans were so impressed by the dogs they sent many to Rome and began using them as sport. They would bait the dog to fight bulls, bears, or horses.
B. As time went on breeding changed to fit the specific needs for bull baiting. They also began calling the dogs Bull Dogs. Though they were not the Bull Dogs of today.
C. In 1835 England made Bull Baiting illegal but those who did not want to end the sport began fighting dogs against dogs in pits at their own homes.
D. They needed smaller dogs so historians believe they breed them with the smaller terriers of the time to create a more agile dog but still be strong to fight and loyal so they would trust their trainers. As they became more known for their pit fighting rather than their bull fighting they got the name Pit Bull.
E. Now the only dogs that can be called Pit Bulls are the American Staffordshire Terrier, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bull Terrier.
[Transition: Now that we know a little about the history of Pit Bulls let’s talk about statistics]
II. In 2009 thirty-two fatal dog attacks were recorded, according to the website “DogsBite.org”. That same website reported that Forty-four percent of those attacks were by Pit Bulls alone.
A. One thing that many people do not know is that the term Pit Bull no longer refers to only the American Pit Bull Terrier.
B. The news media has mistakenly identified over seven different breeds and mix breeds as Pit Bulls. Such as The American Staffordshire Terrier, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, The American Bulldog, The Dogo Argentino, The Bull Terrier, The Presa Canerio, and The American Pit Bull Terrier.
C. Knowing this means that the statistics are not completely correct because other breeds are counted as individual breeds.
D. The identification of a dog in an attack is often left to the victim and witnesses, according to “Pit Bulls on the Web”. Knowing this means there is no way of knowing how many of the recorded attacks were by actual American Pit Bull Terriers.
E. Which means the reputation of the Pit Bull is damaged without the proper knowledge.
[Transition: Lastly, I will tell you about the American Pit Bull Terrier’s temperament.]
III. The American Pit Bull Terrier is known for its loyalty. As I mentioned before Pit Bulls were used to fight other dogs because of this they breed the dogs to be extremely loyal.
A. That means Pit Bulls always want to please their masters. It does not matter what their master is telling them to do, they will do it.
B. As you can imagine their extreme loyalty has a good and a bad side. It has allowed them to be trainable for fighting but it also means that they make great family dogs.
C. In temperament tests according to the American Temperament Test Society, The American Pit Bull Terrier scored an eighty-six percent. Meaning they are less likely be aggressive. The Golden Retriever, which many consider to be the perfect family dog, scored an eighty-four point six percent.
D. Pit Bulls also have a lot of energy and require a lot of exercise. The owners of Pit Bulls need to be fit and strong to keep up. They should be prepared to keep their dog occupied. Any Pit Bull left at home with little exercise will often become bored and agitated.
[Transition: Now that you know more about Pit Bulls let’s review what you have learned today.]
I. The history of the Pit Bull, as we have found, has been rough. They started out as Mastiffs and as their roles began to change they were breed smaller for more compact fighting.
II. I have also mentioned some of the statistics from 2009 and how the news media has blamed the Pit Bull for attacks they have not committed.
III. We also covered the temperament of the Pit Bull. Despite their fighting background they are extremely loyal and make a great family dog. In temperament test Pit Bulls score higher than the Golden Retriever. Which you may have not known before.
IV. I hope that this has taught you that there are a lot of misconceptions and over exaggerated information about the Pit Bull.

My visual aid http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html

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